Go Go Cutzilla

by Ryan McFaul

Here’s the second installment of behind-the-scenes thrills. The “Cutzilla” spot was fairly low budget, so I built and shot everything in my apartment using a small crew. I brought back the all-stars of the art department from “Fat Guy Stuck In Internet,” namely art director Katie Akana, modelmaker Bill Logan, and art assistant Cara Alpert. The monster puppet was built from scratch and puppeteered by Will Krause. The smashable models were mostly built from balsa and rigged with debris. My favorite was the hospital’s breakaway tower which is built out of graham crackers.

I shot and lit each scene while the art team rigged the puppet and props for every shot. We spent five days building and two long days shooting. The trail of destruction meant just about everything had to be shot in sequence. Our client Bill Van Slyke visited our “set” and helped cue matchbox cars. It made for a really fun, low-key shoot. Although later I learned the hard way what two days of running a smoke machine does to upholstered furniture. Not pretty.

Enjoy these stills, and there’s also a brand new behind-the-scenes video up at the Cutzilla project page. Have a look.