One From the Archive: FanKick

by Ryan McFaul


A few years back I was shooting an industrial video for Microsoft in Seattle. We had hired a two girl choreography team named “FanKick” who had an 80s street performance act. I hadn’t actually seen their routine myself, but I promised them we’d try to shoot a few takes of them on the soundstage during lunch. If it worked out, we’d have a music video. I asked them to prepare one song.

They emerged from the green room decked out in neon lace with their “Yes” CD in hand. I had no idea they were this committed. We shot four stunning takes of their routine while our clients were out.

I returned to New York and made a rough cut. Later that year, the girls were visiting NYC themselves. So we hit the streets and shot a couple more takes around Brooklyn.

After that, I got sucked into other projects and dropped the ball on this one. It was ages until I finally returned to this footage, finished the cut and created a look in After Effects. But the results are pretty cool for a project that literally grew out of thin air.