I am now an Emmy-Nominated Director

by Ryan McFaul

Wow. That has a great ring to it. “The Electric Company” was just nominated for eight Daytime Emmy Awards, including a directing award! Here’s the press release. Hurray! It’s thrilling to be recognized both personally and for the super team that creates the show. The shear magnitude of eight nominations in just our first season is really stunning.

I shall bask in the glow of this. The first nomination is inevitably the sweetest, if only because you get to drop that “Emmy-nominated…” at the beginning of publicity materials! The awards are at the end of June. Fingers are crossed.

And speaking of things Electric, we are gearing up for season three this summer. I’ll be shooting six episodes in July and August. After this long, the cast and crew are like family and it’s going to be a blast to do it again.

Here’s hoping we take home some winged trophies!