One From The Archive: See The Future

by Ryan McFaul

I’ve been cleaning out the literal and figurative hard drive recently, and came across this piece from mid-2006, I believe. It’s a corporate video for Microsoft that I made with my Seattle collaborator Fred Northup. It was commissioned as a brand piece to show what mind blowing next generation technology Microsoft Research was working on at the time.

I am posting it because:

1) It’s pretty well done! We took what could have been an incredibly boring corporate talking head/b-roll video and convinced them to let us tell a story and really entertain. It was a relatively small budget, but we built this great set, and maybe that helped loosen up our non-actor cast of young Microsoft guys. I also shot it, cut it, and masterminded the VFX.

2) There is a charm to how much the “futuristic” visions of technology have dated in just a few short years. When am I going to get my Minority Report hologram screen anyway?