Summer Updates

by Ryan McFaul

What a whirlwind. This year I have been shooting everywhere but New York, which supposedly I call home. I’ve been to Seattle, Palm Springs, Moscow twice and Los Angeles three times. This week is literally the first down time time I’ve had all year.

I am now organizing much of the new work and will soon be posting new projects. Along the way I’ve also been working on a new site design that will streamline navigation and add needed mobile phone and iPad compatibility. You should be seeing all of this in the next couple weeks.

The highlight of the recent work was Adult Swim’s upcoming “NTSF:SD:SUV.” As the name implies, it’s a spoof of the many police procedurals flooding primetime. It is created and stars Paul Scheer and is produced by some of the folks who brought you “Children’s Hospital” and “Fat Guy Stuck in Internet.” I was in LA for two months this spring shooting six episodes. I OD’d on 24 and CSI as part of my prep work, and basically we took all of the painfully formulaic aspects of these shows and added a steaming pile of ridiculous on top. More on that as its roll out begins.

Also I recently signed with a manager, breaking from a long career of working only from immediate connections. Peter Principato is his name, and as comedy people know, he’s a true nexus figure and more. He’s already helped widen my circle of collaborators, and I think will help further push my narrative work.

Lastly, “The Electric Company” again won a bunch of Emmy’s, including Outstanding Children’s Program. And just like last year, I was nominated as a children’s director only to lose to Sesame Street. Damn you, Elmo!