New Work: Aport

by Ryan McFaul

I just added this Russian commercial to the homepage. It is now my third spot for Russian clients, and my second job in Moscow in a year. We shot in an Olympic sized pool with local production company Pacific Film. All of the foreground action is practical, and Helsinki VFX house Talvi Digital created all of the deep backgrounds and beauty work.

Underwater shooting is incredibly tedious. And underwater shooting in a foreign country when you’re relying on translators is plain brutal. Somehow we made it through one very long shoot day without any drownings, electrocutions, or nervous breakdowns. I owe a huge thanks to our actor Viktor Pipa. He was in the water on and off for sixteen hours.

Below is the animatic I created for this spot. I often build these for my complex or VFX driven shoots. This one is especially nice in that it established the visual style. I made this in New York before I left for the shoot. You can see how a few of the shots evolved once I was on the ground with the agency and client.