Summer Updates

by Ryan McFaul

Hello out there! Here I am with updates on the typically quiet blog:

Season Two of NTSF:SD:SUV:: premiers August 9th on Adult Swim! I directed four of the new episodes, and I think this second season is even stronger than the first.

I have recently added a bunch of clips from season one of NTSF:SD:SUV:: to my portfolio, here on the site. Check them out from the homepage.

The Electric Company won its third consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Show. I was, again, nominated as a director, and – again – lost to Sesame Street. Damn you Elmo!

I have a couple of new shows coming. It has been an extremely busy year, and hopefully I will be able to post clips soon.

And here’s another crazy commercial I shot in Moscow this Spring. Apparently there’s a law in Russia that you can’t use people or anything living in alcohol advertising. So I was asked to create this mini musical populated solely with props. The results are pretty nuts, and I am not even going to try a explain what it’s about. The entire commercial is composed of three shots, with just two CG transitions. Enjoy.