Inside Amy Schumer

by Ryan McFaul

The season is nearly half-aired as I write this, but last fall I shot the complete second season of Inside Amy Schumer. We shot fifty sketches over three months. I directed everything except for three pieces that Amy and co-creator Dan Powell guest directed. It’s my first sketch show and I found it a welcome break from the longer creative development that goes into mapping out a full season’s tone and arcs before you begin. Each day I got to play with new styles and new people. Cameos included Paul Giamatti, Parker Posey, Janine Garafolo, Rachel Dratch, Missi Pyle, Colin Quinn, and Josh Charles to name just a few. Wow.

This was also the first NYC project for me in a couple years, and so it was wonderful to be home and shoot primarily locations. A handful of my favorite sketches are posted on the main page, but there’s just too much for me to possibly link to here. Browse the whole season on Comedy Central.