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New Work: Aport

I just added this Russian commercial to the homepage. It is now my third spot for Russian clients, and my second job in Moscow in a year. We shot in an Olympic sized pool with local production company Pacific Film. All of the foreground action is practical, and Helsinki VFX house Talvi Digital created all [...]

Go Go Cutzilla

Here’s the second installment of behind-the-scenes thrills. The “Cutzilla” spot was fairly low budget, so I built and shot everything in my apartment using a small crew. I brought back the all-stars of the art department from “Fat Guy Stuck In Internet,” namely art director Katie Akana, modelmaker Bill Logan, and art assistant Cara Alpert. [...]

On Location in Portugal

Last Fall I shot a Russian commercial in Portugal called “Tonus.” The whole experience was incredible: both the shoot itself and the adventure of three weeks in the country. The crew was fantastic and it seemed like everyone there had lived and worked in NY or LA at some point. The Russian production company and [...]