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Hello world. The past year has been ridiculously busy with no updates here. Many shows have been happening that will slowly be finding their way here as they come to air. Amy Schumer and I are nominated for a directing Emmy for our “12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer” episode. The show has seven nominations [...]

I worked with Meryl Streep!

I shot this simple piece as part of a live show for Lewis Black’s May 5th Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser at Lincoln Center. The video opened the stage show and led into a music and dance sequence that ultimately introduced Lewis Black on stage. I’ve included the first cue below, although there was a second cue [...]

Summer Updates

Hello out there! Here I am with updates on the typically quiet blog: Season Two of NTSF:SD:SUV:: premiers August 9th on Adult Swim! I directed four of the new episodes, and I think this second season is even stronger than the first. I have recently added a bunch of clips from season one of NTSF:SD:SUV:: [...]

Summer Updates

What a whirlwind. This year I have been shooting everywhere but New York, which supposedly I call home. I’ve been to Seattle, Palm Springs, Moscow twice and Los Angeles three times. This week is literally the first down time time I’ve had all year. I am now organizing much of the new work and will [...]

The Latest And Greatest From The Electric Company

Twelve new episodes of “The Electric Company” are about to hit stations this month. Sesame just released teaser clips today. Below are a couple excerpts from the six episodes I directed. First, Francine uses her trusty assistant Gilda to spy on The Electric Company’s newest member. And a music video where Hector recalls his earlier, [...]

Bi-Annual Update

Dearest website, it has been too long since I’ve updated you. But fear not: I’ve been making you plenty of new baubles to add to your collection. So then… First up, an awards update, since I never followed up on the prior post. The Electric Company won five Emmy’s last summer. Unfortunately “Sesame Street” beat [...]

I am now an Emmy-Nominated Director

Wow. That has a great ring to it. “The Electric Company” was just nominated for eight Daytime Emmy Awards, including a directing award! Here’s the press release. Hurray! It’s thrilling to be recognized both personally and for the super team that creates the show. The shear magnitude of eight nominations in just our first season [...]