The Cowboy Has Left The Building

Where, oh where has the sheriff gone? Well, longtime reader, change has come to Ryantown. And while it may be low on log cabins, cacti and tumbleweeds, it is high on new work and a new focus.

The past couple years have been the busiest of my life. The site saw few updates while I was submerged in television production. And when I finally did find time, the site was looking tired. It didn’t render consistently on many browsers. The wild western look that started as a joke had became long-winded. It was time to start over.

Maybe the biggest change is that Ryantown no longer adheres to its “Population: 1″ tag line. I have too many talented collaborators to share credit with on these films. And Ryantown is now a small company with an “Inc.” at the end of its name. The lone cabin on the prairie didn’t fit anymore.

So here it is. My, how it’s grown! I strove for a look that is fun and beautiful without so much kitsch. I taught myself CSS and built it from scratch. What do you think? There are still a few browser kinks to be worked out. If anything is clearly broken, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment.

And a blog, you say? This from the guy that checks his facebook once a month? I will use this space to post news of current projects. With TV work, I can’t post clips until after the show has aired. That can be many months or a year. So come here to learn about the latest and greatest. And I also wanted a place to share some of the smaller, lesser creations that don’t fit into my proper portfolio. There’s plenty of old videos cued up to get me started. Stay tuned.